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Do you need goods in transit insurance?

In our last blog, we mentioned goods in transit insurance. But what are goods in transit, and how do you know if what you do requires this insurance?

To start with, we should explain the need for goods in transit insurance. If part of your job involves carrying or transporting items that belong to someone else, whether these are items that they are buying or that they are paying you to transport, you will need to insure them. Insurance is needed if the goods are lost, damaged or stolen, you are insured against any claims from the party that owns them.

There may also be situations where a customer makes a claim against you for any losses they might suffer due to delays. If you regularly transport other people’s goods, we would hope that you have a contract detailing what happens in these cases. But whether or not this is the case, you need to be insured. At the very least, should a situation arise that needs to be heard by the court, having insurance shows that you are a responsible and careful courier, haulier or business owner.

Some of the activities that may require you to have goods in transit insurance include:

·         Haulage – one vehicle or a fleet

·         Carrying goods belonging to your own company

·         Carrying goods on behalf of a client, whether or not your main role is to transport goods for them

·         Acting as a courier, for example distributing third party goods to customers in your own vehicle

·         Any situation in which you are being paid to transport goods.

Some people drive for haulage companies in company vehicles as employees. Usually in this circumstance the company will have adequate insurance to cover all eventualities, including you and the goods you are transporting. It is always worth checking your contract to make sure.

Even if you are only transporting goods part time or for friends, if you are using your own vehicle or getting paid, you need to look into getting insurance.

If you have any questions about whether you need goods in transit insurance, or you know that you do and would like a quote, get in touch with us for a chat on 01392 797733 or email

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