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There are estimated to be around two million   landlords in the UK , owning around five million properties*. The private rental market has boomed over the past decade significantly increasi...

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  In a nutshell, if you own a building from which a business operates, whether it be your own company or someone else's, it is considered a business premises. Commercial property insurance pr...

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SMEs make up 99.9% of businesses in the UK and employ 16.6 million people, with an estimated turnover of £2.2 trillion*. These figures put into perspective just how significant a risk severe ...

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Running your own business increases your financial and reputational risk, so you need to protect yourself against possible liability and financial loss by insuring both your company and your em...

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If you operate vehicles within your business and find that maintaining a fleet increases your costs substantially then it would be worth looking at Fleet Insurance to reduce your current outg...

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If you were to believe what you read in the insurance press, then you may think that the small local insurance broker, like ourselves, is heading for decline… but don’t believe everything you he...

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